I want to inform about Women’s Forum Brazil 2013

I want to inform about Women’s Forum Brazil 2013

Making an improvement

Brazil’s remarkable ladies leaders are driving improvement in politics, the economy, and culture. The Women’s Forum Brazil 2013 will focus on the theme of Making a difference to honor their achievements and address their aspirations.

Ladies’ Forum Global Meeting 2012

Desired: 360В° development

The worldwide monetary crash regarding the late 2000s created significantly more than worldwide financial recession. It accentuated popular doubts about the rise paradigms on which our economies are designed. It seems so hard today to create financial development.

Ladies’ Forum Brazil 2012

Reaching the national nation for the future

Brazil, the nation for the future; constantly ended up being, constantly should be. This is the self-deprecating laugh of Brazilians in the 60s and 70s, as every year had been positive but Brazil kept failing. Today there is no need to joke.

Ladies’ Forum Global Meeting 2011

Let’s say? christian connectionВ app Challenge, imagination, dedication

2011 is appearing itself per year for the improbable becoming reality. The world we took for granted has been knocked off its axis, to land in unanticipated new configurations and arrangements from the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt to the earthquake in Japan and the hectic economic situation since this summer.

Ladies’ Forum Global Meeting 2010

Change: Make It Work

The 2010 Women’s Forum worldwide Meeting takes destination in Deauville, France, October 14–16 from the theme of “Change: Make it happen.” In a time of doubt and possibility, old-fashioned attitudes and method of action usually do not appear to work any more.

Ladies’ Forum Global Meeting 2009

Reconsider that thought, think ahead

The Women’s Forum when it comes to Economy and Society will hold its fifth meeting that is annual October 15-17, 2009 in Deauville, France beneath the theme of “Think once again, think ahead!”. 1000 leaders will gather from over 80 nations, representing a lot more than 500 companies to debate and trade ideas that are innovative.

Ladies’ Forum Asia 2009

The crisis as a casino game plan changer: Perspectives for a new economy and new Societies with Today and Tomorrow’s Women Leaders

The Women’s Forum held a unique brainstorming session in Beijing may 13 underneath the theme: The crisis as a casino game plan changer: views on an innovative new Economy and new Societies with Today and Tomorrow’s Women Leaders. The brainstorming had been led by Professor Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel Prize winner for Economics, to think about the effect regarding the current crisis on just how our economies have already been operating up to now.

Ladies’ Forum Global Meeting 2008

Progress to fairly share, future to dare

What comprises progress? Where are we headed? At an occasion of major globe change, what types of progress do we most require and want? How do we make sure benefits are provided by all? Exactly what are our hopes for the future?

Ladies’ Forum Asia 2008

Growth and Sustainability: How women can be making an improvement

In 2008 Asia had been the host nation when it comes to first version for the Women’s Forum Asia. From May fifteenth to seventeenth, this worldwide platform welcomed excellent females through the Asian area as well as other worldwide leaders. The Women’s Forum Asia had been a place for debate and change in the theme of “Growth and Sustainability: exactly exactly How women can be making a positive change”.

Ladies’ Forum Global Meeting 2007

Building Trust in our Societies

Within our age, financial, social and ecological dilemmas are in a way that professionals, philosophers, financiers, researchers and sociologists have difficulty determining conditions that could produce an improved, better, and world that is trustworthy. In addition, the world’s residents are watching global modifications go on cyberspace and that can trade information, share their doubts and their concerns.

Ladies’ Forum Global Meeting 2006

Ladies’ new duty for enhancing our societies

What is going to function as brand brand new duties of females in the next day’s world? Just how can they subscribe to building a far more future that is balanced? The theme of obligation are at the center of this 2006 version of this Women’s Forum for the Economy and Society.

Ladies’ Forum Global Meeting 2005

The Brand New Dimensions of Influence and Energy

An application emphasizing women’s contribution towards the society and economy.

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