But the majority of most we just love viewing them be passionate and love the overall game

But the majority of most we just love viewing them be passionate and love the overall game

By stressing both the enjoyable and basics for the game, Samantha Holmes-Domagala is assisting young girls fall in deep love with hockey, making her BFL Female Coach of the season honours

“I adore viewing [players] enhance. I adore viewing them discover a fresh ability.”

That’s Samantha Holmes-Domagala on why she really really loves mentoring.

It describes why is her the BFL Female Coach of the season (Community).

Holmes-Domagala could be the relative head mentor associated with the Calgary Jr. Inferno U9 team and also the manager of mentoring (Timbits U7, U9, U11) for women Hockey Calgary (GHC). She’s as passionate about ability development as she actually is the enjoyable facets of hockey. She realizes that in the grassroots, the main focus has to be on basics and fostering a love regarding the game.

“I’ve always been anyone to hand back to your game, and I also feel that’s the smallest amount of i could do,” she says. “Hockey is my passion. It constantly will soon be. There’s a piece of me personally that always desires more hockey, whether that’s playing or mentoring. I enjoy watching the girls fall in deep love with the video game with it. that I like, and producing a breeding ground where they could fall in love”

Holmes-Domagala’s hockey journey took her from her house in Mississauga, Ont., to Kimball Union Academy in Meriden, N.H., and four years utilizing the University of brand new Hampshire before she got a flavor associated with professional game with Brampton when you look at the nationwide Women’s Hockey League (NWHL).

She headed west in 2002 to participate the Calgary Oval X-Treme for the Western Women’s Hockey League (WWHL), winning gold in the Esso Women’s Nationals in 2003, and assisted discovered the Strathmore Rockies, whom played three periods within the WWHL from 2008-11.

Holmes-Domagala additionally gained international experience, playing 10 games with Canada’s National Women’s Team and winning gold medals during the 4 countries Cup in 2000 and 2004.

She got involved in coaching once her older child , Dyllan, 7, began playing the video game. Her expertise in, passion for and commitment towards the women’s game is clear to everyone else around her.

Jody Forbes is a manager of Hockey Calgary and also the previous president of GHC. She viewed Holmes-Domagala along with her group in 2010. “ we was thinking to myself exactly how fortunate those girls are that they’re planning to have advisor like Samm a majority of their everyday lives. It’s different for girls to see females in leadership functions in their own personal sport. It indicates a great deal for them.”

Girls’ hockey is still a male-dominated tradition during the leadership degree, Forbes claims. Holmes-Domagala is changing that. She oversees 100 coaches as GHC’s mentoring manager. “Having her in a leadership part together with her history and passion for female hockey is amazing,” says Forbes. “It’s amazing for the girls to see but in addition for our coaches to visit a very good feminine with that hockey knowledge.”

Holmes-Domagala works tirelessly promoting women’s hockey and ensuring every player gets the start that is right. This season that is past she developed and ran two new programs.

First Strides can be a program that is introductory. Girls had been frequently intimidated by the community-based programs – they might started to a rink excited to test hockey but keep uninterested after walking as a dressing space filled with men and onto ice full of dads. Holmes-Domagala designed this program become enjoyable but additionally give you the foundation when it comes to girls to change to the Jr. Inferno system with full confidence together with fundamental set of skills to reach your goals. Forty-six girls – including her more youthful child, Avery – registered.

The abilities Sequence Program is really a coach-development system. Holmes-Domagala designed it to market consistency in GHC’s mentoring distribution and delivered it to significantly more than 50 groups in Calgary. Her coaches now do so making use of their players for six to ten minutes every practice. “Our volunteers were spending hours online in search of skills,” she claims. “We will help them to ensure, in turn, they could assist the young ones.”

Being a mentor, Holmes-Domagala personalizes her approach for every single kid. “i’m a component that is really big of passion is learning exactly exactly what kids like.” She had been the little one you needed to chase the ice off after training. Don’t assume all kid really loves the rink for the exact same explanation, and that’s OK. “On my group, I experienced young ones whom wished to do stick-handling challenges in the center of wintertime, but we additionally had young ones whom simply wished to turn out since they just like the dressing space or even the red tape on the stick.

“i must say i learned coaching Timbits that we needed seriously to wear a costume regarding the ice for Halloween.” As far away from her comfort zone as dressing in a one-piece unicorn suit is, it assisted her relate with her players.

Nicole Walker has seen that firsthand. Her older child, Katherine, 7, played for Holmes-Domagala’s U9 group this 12 months; her younger child, Lillian, 5, signed up for First Strides.

“She understands how exactly to keep in touch with the youngsters; she is able to engage them,” claims Walker. “She does take time away from just exactly what they’re doing to inquire of them about not merely the way they just did their drill – how exactly to improve or even to provide them with a high-five – but also about what’s occurring in school.”

The advisor is focused on growing athletes the right means. The main focus is certainly not in the scoreboard. “We did a great deal about being truly a teammates that are good so what does which means that. Most of the girls did know when they n’t won or destroyed,” she claims. “We based our performance as to how we felt, that is everything we could control – how difficult did we work, did we help our teammates, did we hustle and had been we accountable in the ice.”

In most her roles, she desires to set girls up to achieve your goals. “I would like to offer our young feminine athletes a chance to excel,” she states. Which means providing way to girls whom consume, sleep and breath hockey, plus it means assisting those pleased to play twice per week sharpen their skills.

Plus it means creating mentorship opportunities in the type of a Buddy Team. Her U9 players would go to a nearby U13 team’s games and techniques; the older girls then served as coaching assistants for them, tying skates, picking right on up pucks and demonstrating drills.

In only 3 years, Holmes-Domagala has changed the tradition within GHC and laid the groundwork for player development – off and on the ice – for future years.

“I’m excited to see just what she’s planning to do using the game in Calgary within the next ten years,” says Forbes. “I think she’s likely to be leading it for certain.”

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